• 『For the Success of Your Global Business』

    Founded in 1988, DY ULC has contributed to the economic growth and the development of shipping and logistics of Korea, and is a strong partner who has assisted in expanding the global market of Korean companies as a logistics specialist in import and export cargo transportation.

  • 『We offer Customized and Differentiated Logistics

    In addition to marine transportation of container, bulk, project and heavy lift goods, DY ULC provides a variety of services including land transport, air transport, 3PL, e-commerce, and shipping agency. We are proud to say that we provide customized services that meet the needs of every customer.

  • 『Your Business Partner offering a Global Networks』

    DY ULC has established overseas offices/branches in China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia, collaborates with over 120 agencies in more than 50 countries, and has a wide sales network around the world as a member of the PCN (Project Cargo Networks).

  • 『Happy Employees create Happy Customers』

    DY ULC take pride in our high employee satisfaction with the best treatments and various welfare benefits. Our executives and employees are doing their best to actively resolve problems and "create endless customer satisfaction" by improving customer satisfaction and actively listening to VOC (Voice of Customer).